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GMO PlayAd Inc, which operates a video marketing business within the GMO Internet Group, announced that in collaboration with GMO Research Inc, which operates internet research business, it has commenced the provision of a video authentication tool “PlayAds by GMO”, which incorporates emotion-reading technology.

PlayAds provides segment-based surveys to obtain accurate data on assessments of creative videos.

*Japan’s largest online panel:
PlayAds tool is embedded in a video which will be evaluated by reliable over 17.9 million panelists.

By integrating the emotion-reading technology developed by the company, it is possible to visualize viewers’ recognition at each stage of “impact, reaction, action” model of consumer behavior.

It also provides A/B testing at video production stage aimed at reducing costly corrections.

In recent years, with the development of internet communication environment and devices, the utilization of video as marketing in enterprises has increased due to the popularization of video browsing on media and Web sites.

Looking at the share of advertising by media in Fiscal Year 2019, Internet advertising exceeded the share of TV advertising, and Internet advertising expenditures exceeded 2 trillion yen for the first time.

With this background, as 5G of next-generation mobile communication technologies becomes more prevalent, it is expected that more scenes will be used for moving images than ever.

Accordingly, the company believes it needs to increase the amount of video it supplies and improve the accuracy of video supply, leading to the development of this service.

In the future, it will plan videos for businesses and provide PlayAds to help advertisers, agencies, and producers create videos that stick to the targets of advertisers, agencies, and producers. It will also make efforts to improve the volume of video supplied and the accuracy of video supplied.

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