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Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd, and National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (Inria) of France have announced that they have developed a technique for automatically creating AI models for detecting anomalies in time-series data acquired in IoT equipment and other devices.

Recently, AI has been introduced in various business fields due to the development of AI technology.

While it is common for AI model creation sites to be created by AI specialist engineers by hand, there are concerns about delays in the introduction of AI models into the field due to a large amount of man-hours, as they are created through repeated trial and error, and they say that automation of work is required.

Against this backdrop, Fujitsu Limited and others have newly developed a technology that automatically extracts information required for abnormality detection from time-series data in which many types of information are complicatedly intertwined, and automatically creates AI models for abnormality detection by utilizing Fujitsu Laboratories’ unique time-series data analysis technology using Topological Data Analysis (hereinafter referred to as “TDA”).

*New technology has automated the lengthy process of AI model generation

By the utilization of this technology, it is possible to easily make abnormal detection models and classification models of time series data by AI not only by specialist engineers but also by general engineers.

In addition, since the man-hour can be reduced to one hundredth of the conventional one, it is expected that AI application in various business areas will be accelerated.

In addition, the developed technologies will be implemented in GUDHI, a Open Source Software of TDAs developed by Inria, and will be made available to the public free of charge from March 16.

By promoting the use of AI in companies, research institutions, and other organizations, and continuing to reflect this feedback in technological improvements, the company says it will realize the creation of AI models that can be used in a variety of cases.

In the future, Fujitsu Laboratories will use this technology in Fujitsu Limited’s AI-technology FUJITSU Human Centric AI Zinrai.

(*) Topological Data Analysis technology: A data analysis method in which data is regarded as a set of points arranged in a certain space and geometric information of the set is extracted.

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