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MicroEntertainment has announced that it will create a marketplace for copyright transactions of “dance and choreography” data using AI technology.

While prominent dancers and choreographers have agreed to participate in the project, the service named GESREC (Gesture + Recognition) is planned to be released in early April in Japan and the United States at the same time.

The service has been created using AI technologies of detecting and extracting similar 3D motions. While the combined market size in Japan and the US is estimated at 43 billion yen, creators of the service are planning further expansion worldwide.

First, professional dancers and choreographers need to register on GESREC to upload their YouTube video links. Then, AI technology groups detected 3D motions into categories which are subsequently assigned a copyright.

While the service to be released in early April is a beta version of MVP (Minimum Viable Product), the launch of a new improved version is planned to take place within a one-year period.

Original Text: https://amp.review/2020/03/16/dance-ai/